Here recently several events have taken place that I ask you to pray for. All of these are close friends of mine, and would mean so much to us if you would pray for them.

Pastor Jay Reed has a one year old daughter named Savannah. She was diagnosed with Leukemia about 6 months ago, and has been battling it ever sense. She has faced many hardships with chemotherapy. Pastor Reed is a supporting pastor and our prayers go to him and his family. Please pray for the health of his little girl!

A few weeks ago, Austin Gardner found out he had a fist sized tumor on his kidney and it was cancerous. On June 7th he had his kidney removed with the tumor. Praise the Lord that there was no trace of cancer anywhere else! Please pray for his recovery. The Lord has greatly used Bro. Gardner in my life, and I’m thankful to call him a friend. See more information on his recovery at

A few days after Austin Gardner’s surgery, his son David Gardner ruptured his appendix. The surgery went well and has almost fully recovered.

Last week Leah Green was hit by an oncoming truck that drifted into her lane. She suffered severe liver damage, her leg was crushed, and ankle broken. She is out of immediate danger, but she still has surgeries to go through.  Please pray that her surgeries go well and she will recover! You can keep updated on how she is doing at

Also Last week Asunta Tubillas was hit by a car that backed into her and pinned her between her car and the other. She suffered severe bruising to the leg and broke a rib. Praise the Lord her two children that were standing with her were not seriously injured. Her husband Ronald is the Pastor of two churches here in GA, and I can’t imagine how this burdens him. Please pray for her quick recovery.

On June 21, Pastor Dan Bailey, a supporting pastor, will be having cataract surgery at 7:00 AM. They were such a blessing to us when we visited them, and I ask that you would pray that his surgery would go well. Also the surgery is costing them $3000.00 and they are praying the Lord will provide. If you would be interested in giving toward his surgery, you can send a check to his church at P.0. Box 91 Royston, Ga. 30662 and make it out to Dan Bailey and in the subject line mark eye surgery.

I believe Satan is waging an all out war against God’s children, but we serve one who is greater! Sometimes we forget to pray for others around the world, but let us remember to pray a hedge of protection around those that are serving the Lord. Thank you once again for your prayers, we desperately need them.