Our First Month of Deputation!!


It seemed as though we would never be able to start deputation, and now, here we are, already one month into it!! It is so much fun seeing new places (I went to Alabama for the first time!!) and traveling with Will. I am still nervous meeting new people, but through God’s grace, even that has been fun!

This month we helped out in 3 camps (college, jr., and teens). I am still babysitting so for the jr. and teen camps I was only able to stay in the evening, but I had an awesome opportunity to be a devotion leader for the teen girls and was able to share the gospel with a young lady who accepted Jesus as her Savior!!

I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for us!!

Last Words…


Well, today was bittersweet. Sweet, because Rebelle and I are making steps towards Japan, but bitter because today was our last time as the teachers of the Sr. High Sunday School Class at our home church. I’m so thankful for the opportunity God gave us at Lighthouse and all the ministries I have been involved in. Though I’m thankful, none of them compare to teaching the 28 teenagers I have been blessed with in my class. I love each one of them and will miss seeing them each Sunday morning! The last Sunday School lesson I left them with was a summary of the Bible. It was Crazy that I was able to do it in less than half an hour! The Bible is summarized in the Gospel. God made us, blessed us, gave us laws to live by, we broke them, there is a penalty, and there is a promise. The promise is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus! Right before Christ ascended into heaven He told us to take that message to the world! I leave you with the same question that I asked them. How are you taking the gospel to the world?