Lakewood Baptist Missions Conference (2 of 2)


Tonight marked the end of another wonderful missions conference! We had the opportunity to meet so many loving people. Thank  you to each of you that made this week special! Thank you for the gift basket, the gifts, the warm welcoming, all the meals, and your prayers! You truly have been a blessing to us, and we are humbled by your sacrifice on our behalf. Pastor Bragg, Pastor Gilbert, and Bro. Dwire, thank you for the opportunity to preach, teach, visit, and present our ministry. You will be in our prayers. Thank you also to the missionaries this week. We enjoyed getting to know you, and we are praying for you.

Three New Supporting Churches


We’ve had three new supporting churches so far in April! On 4-11, we were at Gospel Baptist Tabernacle Church in NC. I was able to preach, and at the end of the service, Pastor David Bolick called for a vote to take us on for support! It was such a blessing to meet the people there! We praise the Lord for this church partnering with us to take the Gospel to Japan!

Wayside Baptist Church in NC has taken us on for support as well! We were in their missions conference back in February! We had a great meeting there, and got to hear some good preaching! Thank you for your support and prayers!

Pastor Mike Westmoreland, of Madison Street Baptist church in Athens, AL, called me today and let us know that they had voted to take us on for support! This was the very first missions conference we were in on deputation. We are thankful for the friends we made there, and you are in our prayers especially Heath and Haley (We miss you guys)! Thank you Pastor Mike for the opportunity you gave us to come and present our ministry!

Lakewood Baptist Church Missions Conference Part 1 of 2


We have been at Lakewood Baptist Church for their missions conference since Wednesday, and it has been such a blessing to be with these people! The Lord has been using Bro. Blevin each night as he preached. Pastor Bragg and Pastor Gilbert have taken care of us so well!

The prophets chamber we are staying in is beautiful, and Rebel has enjoyed just how nice it is! Thank you to each member at Lakewood Baptist that has made this conference so encouraging!