35 Days Until We Leave for Japan


35 Days

We are so excited as we near our departure for Japan! We’ve been having some great meetings on deputation and God has been blessing. We still lack about 8% of our support, and we ask you to pray the remaining funds would be raised.

We are making the final preparations for our departure, and we are packing up all our belongings. I would especially appreciate your prayers for Rebel as she is organizing what goes where as we pack.

Setup Fund Update 6/30

$2000 were donated in the last two weeks for our Setup Fund!

Here are the remaining items needed for our Setup Fund:

1. Rent for 6 months: $6,300 remaining. $600 donated this week – THANK YOU!!!  Apartments in Japan require 6 months to be paid up front.

2. Used Vehicle: $8,000

3. Furniture: $5,000 – Such as couches, table, chairs, dressers, beds, etc.

4. Hotel Cost: $1400 – This works out to be about $100 a

day for our first two weeks in Japan. – Completed! Donated by an individual – THANK YOU!!!

5. Washer/Dryer: $700 remaining

6. Refrigerator: $1200

7. Stove: $500 remaining

A Father’s Example



My father was a drug dealer and a drunk, but a man invited him to church one day where he heard the Gospel and accepted Christ! That all took place before I was born, and because of that man’s invitation I got to grow up in a Christian home.


IMG_4504My Dad loves those who give out the Gospel, because he remembers the life he was saved from. Therefore, he’s always loved missionaries. He would often invite them over to the house or take them out for a meal. Many of my Dad’s closest friends were missionaries. He genuinely cared for them, and you could see it just by the way he spoke with them. We would get together at night for family prayers and my father would pray for the missionaries by name.

My father would often ask me, “Will, do we really believe people die and go to hell? What are we doing about it?” He cared about the souls of his neighbors as well as the souls of people he never met in distant lands. The tire company he owns supports missionaries and his business card is a Gospel Tract with “Hill and Son Tire” written on the back. His love for missions greatly impacted me.


ShhShhBiblereadingAll those things were revealing to me, on a daily basis, the importance of missions. Though my Father has never been a missionary on a foreign field, he has instilled in his son a missionary’s heart.

Thank you Dad, for investing your time, talents and treasures in God’s Kingdom. Your life preaches louder to me than any message. I see where your heart is. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21.

How about you, Fathers? What are your kids seeing that is important to you?

God Doing Great Things at The OG Camp


OG Camp

Every summer our mission board, Vision Baptist Missions, has a missions camp for teens and college students. Each year we are amazed by what God does! This year was one of our biggest years, and we had several young men and women of God sign a pledge, surrendering to serve on the mission field!


Deputation Rundown 6/8-6/16

  • Monday to Friday – OG Camp
  • Sunday AM – Meeting near Jacksonville, FL – Church took us on for Support!
  • Sunday PM – Meeting Thomasville, GA – Church took us on for Support!

Setup Fund Update

 6-15-15 received $50 for rent.

1. Rent for 6 months: $5100 total Donated – $6,900 remaining.   Apartments in Japan require 6 months to be paid up front.

2. Four Airplane Tickets: $6,000 – $1,500 a person – Purchased!

3. Used Vehicle: $8,000

4. Furniture: $5,000 – Such as couches, table, chairs, dressers, beds, etc.

5. Travel Documentation: $2,000 – Completed

6. Hotel Cost: $1400 – This works out to be about $100 a

day for our first two weeks in Japan.

7. Washer/Dryer: $1200 $500 Donated – $700 remaining

8. Refrigerator: $1200

9. Stove: $1000 $500 Donated – $500 remaining

10. Visas: $190 – Will $190 – Rebel $190 – Atlas $190 – Journey – Completed

11. Small Kitchen Appliances: $300 – Completed

12. Pots, pans, bowls, plates, utensils, etc.: $250 – Completed

Pics of the Week

IMG_5600 IMG_5602 IMG_5604 IMG_5605 IMG_5617