Flooding in Japan


300,000 Japanese advised to evacuate! Increasing rain falls have nearly devastated north western Japan. You can watch a video update about what’s going if you click here. Russ Stanford, a dear missionary friend of ours, and his family were very close to losing their home to the flooding in his prefecture. Many natural disasters have been pummeling Japan over the last few months, and their economy has already suffered great losses. Please keep Japan in your prayers, and that the Stanford Family would remain safe.

Dear God, Your Book is great!


We had the opportunity to be at Atmore Baptist Temple this past Wednesday. We had a wonderful time with Pastor Doug    Odom. Everyone there was very encouraging and they have such a heart for missions!

In their prophet’s chamber was this picture and I just loved it! I’ve learned in serving Christ to stick with the basics, and the basics being The Bible. We have an awesome God, who loved us enough to provide a way that we might know Him. His Book is full of wisdom, truth, and love! We learn from It how He loved us so much that He gave His Son, Jesus, to make payment for our sins, and thereby being able to have fellowship with God the Father through Jesus our Lord!

Isn’t The Book wonderful?! Isn’t it the greatest thing that anyone could ever read?!  Its pages have been stained by the blood of those that would not give it up. If you just read it you can’t help but fall in love with every word, because every word is pointing to Christ, and Christ is our joy and peace! So, what more can be said by us than to declare how loving our God is and how great His Book is!?