Pray for Imizu City 射水市


Imizu City 射水市 is located approximately in the center of Toyama Prefecture, between the two adjacent cities of Toyama and Takaoka. There are 94,649 people that inhabit this vital port city next to the Sea of Japan, and only one Baptist Church.



Mayor Motoshi Natsuno

“Imizu City is rich in agricultural produce, fish and seafood, and with its port, JR line stations, and access to expressways, it occupies a key position in both sea and land transport networks, making it a wonderful city with great potential for the future.”

I have found two churches in Imizu city. Only one of those is Baptist. With 94,649 people, that’s a big job for one Baptist Church. Praise the Lord that there is at least one church preaching the gospel to this key city. This place is filled with farmers and fishermen that have never heard the Gospel! Matt. 4:19 And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Let’s pray that the Name of Christ would rise in the city of Imizu! Would you pray, asking God what your part might be in reaching this city?

If you would like more information on the city of Imizu, you can visit their website at or Life in Imizu.

Our Generation Camp


Many people at the churches we have been visiting are burdened about getting the Gospel to all the world, and they ask how they can get involved. Maybe you have the same desire. Maybe when missionaries open their hearts to you about the millions of lost people, your heart aches. You feel an incredible need to tell others about Christ! One of the best things that any Christian can do is take an honest look at the people across this planet, see their needs, and learn about them. As you realize the condition of their souls and their need for Christ, you can make steps towards doing something about it. This is the purpose of the Our Generation Camp.

It is an intense week of preachers and missionaries pouring out their hearts for the lost. You will meet people that have the same passion to reach the world with the Gospel in our generation! It is encouraging to hear what God is doing all across the world for His Name’s sake! You will have the opportunity to speak with veteran missionaries, and hear them tell their stories of how God slew the giants of Islam and Buddhism in the lives of the people that were reached! You can get involved with what God is doing all over the world! Take a moment to read what is happening at this years camp by clicking here.

If you are not satisfied with only 33% of the world proclaiming Christ as their savior and want to reach the other 67% of the world, then sign up for Our Generation camp and learn how you can get involved! Every choice you make forms the direction of your life. By your choices, where is your life heading?

OG Camp

When?             May 28 – June 1, 2012

Where?            Fort Bluff Camp

370 Fort Bluff Camp Road
Dayton, TN 37321

Why?               To Give God Glory through Global Missions

Visit for more information.

Key City Prayer Blog


In Japan, there are 267 cities with over 100,000 people! 87,972,181 Japanese people live in these key cities, making up 69.2% of the population. Many of these have no gospel preaching churches. Only 1% of the population proclaim to be Christian. 87,092,459 are on their way to Hell in the key cities alone.

Because of this, I believe we need to reach out to these places, and strategize how we might be able to quickly get the gospel there. Starting this week, I will be updating you on key cities in Japan on a weekly basis, asking you to pray for the needs of each individual city. I believe that there is power in prayer, and that’s where it starts. Would you pray that God will send teachers and preachers of the Gospel to Japan? Would you pray about what God would have you to do in reaching Japan with the Gospel? To the core, I believe that the Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation. I believe that God can and will use us in Japan. I believe that He is already using many missionaries there and that revival is starting to peak.

As I travel to different churches across the US, I’m constantly faced with remarks that Japan is a hard field and that we have a long, difficult road ahead of us. I have no delusions that when we step off the airplane that thousands will immediately amass to hear me tell them about Jesus. However, I do believe that God is moving in Japan. As I read current events, I get nuggets here and there that the people are opening up to Christ. Stories, in which young people are visiting churches, or aid from Christians after the Tsunami of 3.11.11 were causing people to see Christianity in a new light. If God’s people would pray, I believe we would be amazed at what He does. I’m asking you to take time from your weekly routine to pray that God would send laborers into His harvest and that the name of Christ would rise in Japan!