Happy Birthday


Today I get to celebrate the birth of my best friend, partner, and love of my life, Rebelle Hill. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful Christian woman as my wife. I daily thank the Lord for her, and I thank each of you that keep her in your prayers! Having a birthday on deputation is a little bit different. Instead of   meeting with friends and family, you meet kind, loving people that do the sweetest things. On your birthday you don’t really expect strangers to celebrate it or even remember it! This past Sunday we were at Bible Baptist in Royston, GA and the church had gotten Rebelle a gift! We are at a missions conference at New Life Baptist Church in Dalton, GA, with people we haven’t met until recently. They have done nothing but loved us, and given Rebelle cards and gifts. I praise the Lord for His people. What a reflection of God’s love. Thank you to all our new friends that have really done too much for us! Like taking us to a Mexican Restaurant!

March Madness


Well March is looking to be one crazy busy month! It has been exciting what God has already done this month! This past Sunday, a young lady prayed to accept Christ at the church where we preached! After I finished preaching, Pastor Dan Bailey closed with an invitation. The young girl didn’t come at that time, but after the service she came to me and said she wanted to accept Christ! What an amazing day!

That same church just voted to take us on for support, and the Pastor just let me know last night! We praise the Lord for the a steady stream of churches partnering with us to see the name of Christ rise in Japan!

Please keep us in your prayers as we will be extremely busy over the next few weeks. This week we will be in Dalton, GA for a missions conference till Sunday morning. After service, we will be driving about 6 hours to Beaufort, SC and presenting our ministry and then preaching. The next morning we will drive from Beaufort, SC to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, GA (about 5 hour drive) to catch our 1:25 PM flight to Ontario, California! We will be there for a week and half for a missions conference at Bible Baptist. Then we will finish the month off with two meetings back in North Carolina and a missions conference in Alabama! Like I said, one crazy month! We are so excited for the opportunities God has given us! Japan has never felt closer! Literally!