Japan has been plagued with disaster after disaster. They have suffered earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear radiation, a devastated economy, and thousands of suicides each year! Since 2008, there has been 30,000 suicides every year! One Japanese man named, Naoki Tachiwana, told how he didn’t see a need to live and was looking for someone to commit suicide with him. Another man, named Taro, said he was so ashamed that he couldn’t support his wife and kids that he attempted to commit suicide but didn’t succeed.  You will find story after story of suicide in Japan. Many blame it on the economy, but it is simply a lack of relationship with Jesus Christ. There have been many disasters in Japan! The biggest disaster, however, has been the lack of churches preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Our vision is to start indigenous churches all through Japan by leading people to the Lord, baptizing, and training leaders; leaders that will be able to effectively reach their own people. We plan to finish deputation by the end of 2013 and spend two years in Japan learning language and culture. After language school we will begin our first church plant. We long to take the message of the risen Son to the land of the rising sun!