Dr. Charles J. Blackstock – Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church
Brother Will Hill came to Lighthouse Baptist Church for the purpose of entering our missionary training program. He had already spent six months in Peru, SA for missionary training. He spent three years in intensive Bible College classes and one on one mentoring by myself and key members of my staff.

The missionary training program required Bro. Hill to preach and/or teach a minimum of one hundred times and to win and disciple several new converts. While in the training program, Will developed a New Move-In Ministry by selecting and training several key couples within our church to reach out to families that had recently moved into our community. He became the editor for our InVision Magazine, and he taught the Senior High Teen Sunday School Class. In addition to these accomplishments he also performed baptisms, served the Lord’s Supper, worked in a campus ministry at North Ga. College, held leadership positions in several youth camps and Bible schools and mentored several students some of whom are now in various Bible Colleges or missionary training programs. He and his wife have an excellent testimony and maintain high standards. A graduation requirement was for each missionary to start a new Sunday School class and develop a leader to take the class upon his leaving. Brother Will started a class for college age singles. This class has been a blessing to our church and continues strong under the leadership of Will’s brother Chris Hill. After graduation, he decided to remain in an intern program and continued to work in our Sunday School. He also developed and operated a Saturday night program to spend time with and reach neighborhood teens. After three years in our missions training program and three years as an intern I believe that Bro. Hill has the experience necessary to do well on the mission field. I know for a certain that he loves the Lord and has a deep burden for the Japanese people. No one will work harder to reach the Japanese for Christ. His wife, Rebelle, comes from a great church that is very fundamental and missions-minded. She has a brother in China and one in South America. Rebelle is excited to follow her husband to the mission field and she is just the kind of help-meet that he needs as a missionary.

I strongly believe that Will and Rebelle Hill are a great investment for your missions dollars. We are proud to be their sending church and are blessed to be able to support them. You will not be disappointed in the return you get for supporting this family. If you have any questions about the Hill family, please feel free to call me.


Tony Howeth – Pastor of Newton Baptist Church
It is with great joy I recommend to you Will and Rebel Hill. They are one of the finest couples I have ever had the joy of working with.  They have shown themselves faithful in their local church working and serving
alongside their pastor.  They have been actively involved in soulwinning and building ministries.
This couple has great character and work ethic.  They also have a true calling of God for the country of Japan.  A country that has been ravished with disaster and is void of preaching on the Lord Jesus Christ.  A great and effectual door is opened unto them and they need your partnership in getting there. I truly believe they will be an asset to any churches missions program.  As a former pastor, they were the kind of missionaries I was looking for. Thank you so much for considering this couple as they prepare to go to Japan.


Austin Gardner – Pastor of Vision Baptist Church and Veteran Missionary

Will and Rebel Hill are two of the finest people that I know.  I have had the privilege of knowing them for several years now and watching their Christian walk and service!

Will has experienced ministry in the states and on the mission field.  He spent 6 months in Peru living, studying, and working as part of his college preparation. There Will gained valuable experience dealing with the cruel realities of learning and speaking a foreign language, dealing with culture shock, living in a foreign country, doing cross cultural evangelism, preaching, eating strange foods, etc. We also learned how he would be able to deal with these things. Living over seas is something he has already experienced.

Will is a man of character.  He is hard working, diligent, faithful, and hungry to be used of God.  Will not only has these characteristics but we have seen him work and grow and carry real responsibilities in the ministry here in his church. He is prepared far beyond the average missionary to do the work that God has called him to do. Will is a leader among his peers, and I believe will be greatly used of God in Japan.

I hope that you will prayerfully consider having Will in your church and then supporting this very needy ministry. Japan is a key country and in great need of the gospel if we want to impact the world and glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Japan is resistant and will need someone who is willing to pay the price to get the gospel to them.

I know that Will and Rebel will be a blessing to you and your church when he presents the work and even more so as we see him get to the mission field and begin the work that God has called him to do.

Thank you for whatever help you can give Will as he prepares to go to Japan as a church planting missionary.

I am honored to be their friend and to have them serve through our local church mission agency! If you have any further questions about them, their character, their dedication, their preparation, or service please feel free to give me a call.