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2MT Happy 1st Birthday Atlas!


Deputation Rundown

  • Wednesday – Presented/Preached in Commerce, GA – Said they would be taking us on!
  • Sunday AM – Presented/Preached in Lodi, OH
  • Sunday PM – Presented/Preached in Pittsburg, PA – Pastor said they would be voting on us soon!

Happy 1st Birthday Atlas!


Pics of The Week

watch video above!

2MT – OG Camp Outcome


Deputation Rundown

Monday to Friday – OG Camp – About 200 people attended and 30 surrendered to missions!

Sunday AM – Preach/Presented in Hendersonville, NC

Sunday PM – Church in Commerce GA


2MT OG Camp Results

Pics of The Week

IMG_4160 IMG_4156 IMG_4153

Happy 1st Birthday to Atlas!!!

photo 2 photo 1 photo 4


Happy Father’s Day!