Help the Hurting

Daughter and Dead Mother
I’m a housewife in my 50s. I lost my parents in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.
When I was looking for my parents after they went missing in the disaster, I saw small children who were dead.
I’m still anguished by the loss of my parents. I also imagine how these children would feel sad about dying that way. Since that time, my spiritual balance has been disturbed. In a word, I’m a wreck.

Japan Tsunami Victim       I read that in an article today. Take a moment and think about the pain that woman must feel everyday. Multiply that by the thousands that were equally devastated by that same disaster. Though it’s easy for many of us to forget, they never can. I bring this as a reminder that there are so many hurting people all around us, and not just in Japan. All over the world people are struggling with all kinds of pain.
      Of course, I understand that we as Christians often face immense pain as well, but in our pain there is always hope and help from God. I do not say this to diminish the pain felt by so many Christians, for our pain is just as gruesome and terrible. I only wish to convey that their pain does not come with all the help that comes from having a relationship with Christ. They don’t know His love. They don’t know or posses the Comforter. They don’t know the power of prayer. They don’t know to read God’s word and to be helped by it. All of this can be theirs upon accepting Christ as their Savior, but the majority of people across the world have never heard the Gospel.

This is the thought that I really hope sinks into our hearts: What are we doing to help them? I’m not talking about the things we do to ease our consciences about a hurting, lost world. I’m asking what part of your life have you given to help the hurting across the world? We need more people to step up from praying for more laborers for the world to going and being that laborer. Go and take the Good News of the risen Savior to the World.

Too Late


Japanese Funeral Plaque

When you’re too late

I’ve seen some devastating things while giving out tracts here in Japan. Today I saw an elderly man laying on the side of the street that had just been hit by a car. After what seemed like an eternity the man began to stand up with the help of the people around him. He will live to see another day and have another chance to accept Christ.

Last week however, I came to the door in the picture. That wooden stand you see means someone in the house had died. I was too late for that person. This is one city out of thousands. How many more people across Japan will die before someone can get the Gospel to them? Please pray for more Gospel laborers for Japan, and pray the Gospel that has been given out will be accepted by the Japanese people!

Our Missionary Friends in England

Please pray for the Snode family in England. They are trying to raise funds for a church plant in London. Please click this link “London Church Plant” to find out more!