35 Days

We are so excited as we near our departure for Japan! We’ve been having some great meetings on deputation and God has been blessing. We still lack about 8% of our support, and we ask you to pray the remaining funds would be raised.

We are making the final preparations for our departure, and we are packing up all our belongings. I would especially appreciate your prayers for Rebel as she is organizing what goes where as we pack.

Setup Fund Update 6/30

$2000 were donated in the last two weeks for our Setup Fund!

Here are the remaining items needed for our Setup Fund:

1. Rent for 6 months: $6,300 remaining. $600 donated this week – THANK YOU!!!  Apartments in Japan require 6 months to be paid up front.

2. Used Vehicle: $8,000

3. Furniture: $5,000 – Such as couches, table, chairs, dressers, beds, etc.

4. Hotel Cost: $1400 – This works out to be about $100 a

day for our first two weeks in Japan. – Completed! Donated by an individual – THANK YOU!!!

5. Washer/Dryer: $700 remaining

6. Refrigerator: $1200

7. Stove: $500 remaining