Pray for Konan City 江南市


There are 100,064 people that live in Konan City and most of them have been to the largest Hotei Buddha statue in Japan. They will come on a daily basis and pray asking for wisdom and blessings. Konan City is a Buddhist strong hold in Japan, but the statue is nothing more than a pile of rock. They are praying to a god that cannot save. Ro. 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God unto Salvation to everyone that believeth! The Gospel is the only hope for the people of this city! I ask that you would pray that God would send proclaimers of the Gospel to Konan City, and that the name of Christ would rise in Japan!





Gospel in China


I’m thankful to have two brother in laws that are missionaries in the two largest countries in the world, India and China. When Rebel and I were married, not only did I get my wonderful wife, but I also became part of her dear family. The first time I met them, I felt like they were already family. I’m thankful the Lord has made it so! I ask that you would pray for Jake and Paul as God uses them in the countries God has called them to. In China it is illegal to start churches and preach the Gospel. The Chinese Three-Self Churches are ran by the government, and do not preach the Gospel. My bro. in law wrote an informative article about the situation with these churches. I ask that you would read the article, and keep them in your prayers!

Missions Conference, Radio, and Salvation!


Grace Baptist Church

Last week was a blast at Grace Baptist Church in Newport, NC. We were there for their anual missions conference, and the Lord really blessed! We met many wonderful families, and made some friends! Many of the families we spoke with had served in the military in Japan, and it was interesting to hear about their experiences there!

We praise the Lord for all the work that went into the conference. Each day, members of the church would volunteer their time to make delicious meals for all the missionaries. We would also like to personally thank Georgia and Jess who opened their home to us, and even gave up their master bedroom for our comfort! We thank you for your sacrifice and are humbled by your generosity!

Throughout the week we were able to meet with Pastor Eborn and learn from his experiences as well as many of the staff members. Bro. Miller, had some great advice on culture shock and adjusting to life on the foreign field!

FBN Radio

Grace Baptist has a radio station that broadcasts through many states, reaching tens of thousands of people. I am grateful for the opportunity to talk about Japan! If you would like to listen to their Christ honoring radio station you can do so by visiting their website at You can also listen to my plea for Japan, that aired last week, by clicking Will Hill to Japan FBN.

Dawn got saved!

We were able to go on visitation during the days of the conference with many of the men of the church and fellow missionaries. On Friday I was able to speak to a Catholic woman named Dawn. I began to talk to her about how my mom grew up Catholic and had many doubts about where she would go if she died. That struck a cord with Dawn, and she listened intently as I shared The Gospel. I saw tears begin to form in her eyes. I asked her if she understood what God had done for her, and if she would repent and turn to Christ. Right then and there she prayed accepting Christ as her Savior! Praise the Lord there’s still power in the Gospel! Please pray as Dawn grows in the Lord!