Wow, what a week so far! We were blessed to be at Peace Haven Baptist’s Missions Conference. We will definitely miss Jarred and the college and career class! After the Sunday night service we went to Dairy Freeze with them, and got to hear about their passion for getting the Gospel into all the world. Many of them had been on missions trips to South America. We were encouraged to see a church so on fire for the cause of world evangelism!

 On Monday night a young couple announced their call to be missionaries in Nepal! We enjoyed Bro. Phil Martin’s preaching, and Pastor Jon Bowman really went over and above in taking care of us! Rebekah Bowman spent time with all the missionary wives, and was so hospitable! The missions director, Bro. Benge, made us feel right at home! We are thankful for everyone we got to meet while there.We pray the Lord continues to use them as they strive to be a witness for Christ in all the world!