Rebel Support, Smallwood Family, and a JW


We had the privilege to be with Faith Baptist in Staunton, VA this past Wednesday! We were moved by Pastor Brown’s passionate preaching! In the middle of the service he announced they wanted to support a Rebel going to Japan and took us on for support on the spot! I joke around that the first time I heard Rebel’s name it was love at first sound, and I’m loving her more and more each day!

After church, we went out with the Pastor and his family for supper. I didn’t realize it, but the Smallwood family was there. David Smallwood was in OH preaching a meeting, but we were thrilled to spend time with his family. I still remember his messages he preached while I was in high school. It was then I surrendered to be a missionary to Japan, and I believe the Lord greatly used Bro. Smallwood in my life!

During supper, we had the opportunity to witness to our waiter, John. I explained that we are missionaries to Japan. That’s when he told us he was attending a Kingdom Hall and interested in missions. I began to explain that we were going to Japan to preach the Gospel. What a door to talk about what that is! I explained that salvation is not about what we do or our good works. It is all about what Christ did for us. It is by grace, through faith and not of works. He began to open up to us about some things that he had read in his Bible. We didn’t have a lot of time to speak with him, but we were able to convey the Gospel. Pastor Brown told him that they could meet sometime and discuss what it further. John was excited about that! I ask that you would pray for him, and that he would accept Christ!

Peace Haven Missions Conference


Wow, what a week so far! We were blessed to be at Peace Haven Baptist’s Missions Conference. We will definitely miss Jarred and the college and career class! After the Sunday night service we went to Dairy Freeze with them, and got to hear about their passion for getting the Gospel into all the world. Many of them had been on missions trips to South America. We were encouraged to see a church so on fire for the cause of world evangelism!

 On Monday night a young couple announced their call to be missionaries in Nepal! We enjoyed Bro. Phil Martin’s preaching, and Pastor Jon Bowman really went over and above in taking care of us! Rebekah Bowman spent time with all the missionary wives, and was so hospitable! The missions director, Bro. Benge, made us feel right at home! We are thankful for everyone we got to meet while there.We pray the Lord continues to use them as they strive to be a witness for Christ in all the world!


New Support from New Life


We are honored to partner with New Life Baptist Church in reaching Japan with the Gospel! Darrel Cox, the missions director, called yesterday and said they had voted to take us on for support! Which brings us to 21% of our support! When we were there in March, we got to meet several wonderful people and became friends. Thank you for all you did for us and we miss you guys!

Pastor Rick Spence had been to Japan for a missions trip. While there he met a Japanese Pastor that was thankful for all that America had done for Japan, but then asked why the US focused on sending money but not the Gospel. Pastor Spence said it broke his heart to hear that man tell his story. It gives us something to think about doesn’t it? We will quickly send some money to help those in need, but recoil when it comes to actually taking the Gospel.

Pray for us as we travel to Staunton, VA tomorrow!