If you haven’t noticed yet, we are doing things a little different. I’ve made three major changes:

1.  Deputation Rundown

Starting this week, I will give you a rundown of all that occurred throughout the week on deputation. I will cover where we went, what churches we visited, and what we did there. Consider it a deputation play by play!

2.  2MT

I will still be doing 2 Minute Tuesdays, but it will now be stories of what God has done rather than a play by play of the week. It will also focus more on Japan.

3.  Pics of the Week

At the end of the post, I will be showing you guys some pics that we took at churches, on the road, or of the family!

Please let me know how you like the changes!

Deputation Rundown

  • Traveled to Tampa, FL area from Buford, GA
  • Started a missions conference that went till Sunday
  • I was able to preach and present to several different groups within the church
  • Church said they would be taking us on for support!


2MT – Mize Igaki’s Testimony


atlas globe


Atlas pointing out the way to FL

atlas sleep car seat

“We aren’t there yet!?”

photo 3

Ready to Start the Missions Conference!

men gifts 2

Pastor Wiley introducing the men missionaries and giving us gifts

photo 1

More gifts for the missionary wives

photo 2 copy“When we meet, we eat!” – Baptists

photo 3 copy

“When the oil in this lamp is gone, the light in Japan will go out! We’ve got to keep sending the oil!” – Bro. Morrison

Eric and Kristen Hurst 2

Eric and Kristen Hurst, our new friends that opened their home and hearts to us! We miss you guys!

photo 5

Atlas has to say goodbye to everyone. 🙁 But we will see you again!