Kani city is located in the Gifu Prefecture and has an estimated population of 99,318. Athens, GA (Home of the Bull Dogs) is 3x larger in area, but has close to the same amount of people. Hopefully that gives you a better idea of how dense the population is in Kani. The town of Kani was formed in 1955 by a merger of 7 towns and villages, and later gained its city status in April 1, 1982.

Kani City is located in the “heart” of Japan, in the south part of Gifu Prefecture. It is a city formed on tradition and history, with abundant greenery and a rich natural environment. The hill situated in the east part of the city is famous for being the cradle of Shino Pottery. The central part is famous for being the place where the great General Mitsuhide Aketi was born and for the ruins of Akechi Castle.

Many Buddhist and Shinto Shrines are located throughout the city. Every time I see a picture of one, it reminds me of Is. 45:20 “…they have no knowledge that set up the wood of their graven image, and pray unto a god that cannot save”