Went to the Japan Fest in Gwinnett County not too long ago and wanted to share some of the videos I took from it. We had a blast there, and Rebelle had the chance to dress up in a Japanese Kimono.

The best part would have to be the Japanese Katana demonstration!

My friend Jeremy checked out his Buddhist fortune. Buddhist believe these to be very accurate and will often change something in their life to prevent or cause the fortune to come true.

His Good Fortune

I don’t think I have mentioned this yet, but I love Japanese Koi! They are an amazing display of God’s creation! My favorite part of this video is when the Koi tries to swim up the water fall!

Japanese traditional music

This year’s fest was sad as well, there were many pictures of the destruction from the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami.

There were many booths where you could buy merchandise to support the rebuilding of Japan. Like these origami swans.
I ask that you would continue to pray for the Miagi Prefecture as it is being rebuilt. We praise the Lord that through this more Japanese people have been coming to churches and now see Christianity and churches as a place of help. I read this article from  go2japan.org “Churches across Northeastern Japan have been the center of providing shelter, relief, and supplies. Most notable are the voices of children heard in various regions saying:“Grandma, Jesus is coming… Mr. Christ is holding a BBQ… Jesus brought us food… Jesus brought us clothing!” Prior to this disaster the church was a fairly mysterious entity in the region but now it is known as the place where help is coming from.”

As always thanks for helping us see the name of Christ rise in Japan!

Rebelle and I standing in front of a Torii. Which is a gateway to a Shinto Shrine.