ikeda2 Ikeda or 池田市, is a city in northeast Japan located in the prefecture of Osaka. Ikeda has a population of about 105,000 people with a square footage of about 22.1 kilometers squared, meaning the population density is a staggering 4,700 people per square kilometer.

Ikeda is home to a castle wherein once resided a daimyo- a Japanese feudal lord- the castle and the ruler that once abided therein date back to a period in Japanese history known as the Edo period (about the year 1600). Ikeda is not known only for the castle that rests within its borders, but also for something a bit less conspicuous. During the Edo period Ikeda was known for its charcoal and is still praised today for its high quality charcoal.

If castles and charcoal aren’t enough to stimulate your interest for Ikeda thenikeda3 you may want to go and see the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum. Yes, you heard that right, and you thought a spam museum was bizarre- which it is, so all bases of interest should be covered for anyone adventure seeker. There is a castle for those that desire a majestic, more standard sight, charcoal for any enthusiast, and an instant ramen museum for, well whomever would be interested in that.

Ikeda seems to have some interesting sights and locations, but unfortunately it is also home to a horrific and terrible tragedy. On June 8, 2001, a massacre occurred in one of the elementary schools there in Ikeda. In an attempt to alleviate any post-traumatic stress or flashbacks to those atrocious events the school decided to remodel the school. This is indicative of a struggle we all face, when something happens we attempt ikedato cover it up. Please understand, I’m not saying their decision was wrong and they shouldn’t do that, but it is similar to how the unsaved world lives their lives. Instead of realising their need for a saviour they just cover it up they mask it and hope no one sees behind their mask. This city has a population of about 105,000 and a good majority of them have never had a gospel witness, Japan is almost void of any witness. Who will go and tell these people that covering their sin will not help but their is one who died for them and will completely remove their sin. So pray for the people of Ikeda, and maybe consider going to tell these people.