On Sunday, we spent the day in lade Lake, FL at First Baptist Church. Being in this church for both sesrvices allowed us to spend more time with these sweet people. For Sunday School, we enjoyed getting to hear Bro. Bob Taylor teach on servanthood. During the morning service, I gave a brief introduction of our ministry to the church, saving most of our presentation for the evening service. We had a great time eating lunch with the assistant pastor, Ed Popkin.

Pastor Harsh was not able to be there, as he recently was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. Please keep Pastor Harsh in your prayers. He recently had surgery, and had some complications. He won’t be able to preach for several more weeks. He has just been moved from ICU. Last November I met Pastor Harsh, and was instantly impressed with him. As we talked, one thing was certain, he knew the Bible! We had a great time talking about the Bible. We are praying that he recovers quickly, and can soon get back to what he loves!

We praise the Lord for how the evening service went, and all the encouragement from the people of the church! Thank you for theopportunity to preach and share our heart for Japan! Thank you also for letting us stay in your prophets chamber, and especially all of you that worked hard to get it ready for us!