The Lord has continuously been good to us on the road! Our meetings this past Sunday and Wednesday were short in distance and great in kindness!

Wednesday we visited Jefferson Lighthouse Baptist Church, and what a blessing to see a church still shining the Light of the Gospel! Pastor Whitman preached on taking the Gospel into all the world! What a joy it was to hear his passion for missions! I especially enjoyed the Lighthouse, in front of the church, that served as a constant reminder of our purpose to shine the Light into a dark world!

I had met Pastor Whitman and his family before in a revival meeting, and it was great to see this loving family again. He invited us back to present our ministry in August. We ask that you would pray that the meeting would go well!

Sunday Morning we went to Pond Fork Baptist, and got to hear Pastor Johnny Knight preach about the Ethiopian Eunuch. What an encouragement to  remember how God can put us in the right place at the right time to be a witness for Him!

Sunday Evening we had the opportunity to be with Pastor Bill Manus at Ridgeway Baptist. When I was raising support as a student missionary to Peru, this church helped me get there. It was a blessing to be back with them again. Mike and Hope Holden, who are some old friends of ours, are now members there, and it was funny to see their faces as we walked through the door! We haven’t seen them in a couple of years, and it was a joy to see them again!
Pastor Manus had me share our burden for Japan, took up a love offering, and invited me back to preach! We look forward to being with you guys again!