Deputation = Done

This past Sunday was our last two meetings on Deputation! Both churches were a great blessing!

We have enjoyed our time on deputation and making new friends. We are encouraged by all the churches God has allowed us to partner with. Thank you all for your prayers, love, and support!

Please keep our support in your prayers we still need a few more churches to partner with us to be fully supported.


8 Days to Go

We are leaving in just 8 short days for Japan! We are so excited to begin working in Japan! Please continue to pray for us as we get everything together for the move to Japan.


Blessing Services

This Thursday at Vision Baptist Church (Our Mission Board) is our blessing service. It starts at 7 pm if you would like to join us.

This Sunday our home church Lighthouse Baptist is having our send off service. If you can’t make it, we are recording the services if you would like to see them.