Man Praying

An article I recently read speaks of the guilt felt by Japanese families who have had abortions. Their buddhist background teaches them they have committed a terrible sin. In order to help with the guilt, they will regularly visit a memorial to their aborted babies. On occasion, they bring toys and notes in an attempt to appease their conscience. On the notes they write “Forgive us and be safe.” “Others fear retaliation for causing premature death and hope to make peace with their dead child who may haunt or curse them in the future. These unhappy ones are translated ‘hungry ghosts’ with an illusion to karma or punishment.”

Both Buddhism and Christianity teach us to value life and that murder is sin. The Difference is while Buddhism holds the guilt of sin over the individual for the rest of one’s life, Christ offers to pay for your sin. To the hurting mother, Jesus offers forgiveness. He loves them. He knows the sin they have committed, but he paid for all of our sins by dying on the cross.

I ask that you would pray for us as we take the message of our savior to Japan that the guilty would be made free in Christ!

Deputation Rundown 5/13-5/19

  • Wednesday – Church in North GA
  • Sunday AM – Presented in Landrum, SC
  • Sunday PM – Meeting in Granite Falls, NC – Voted to take us on for Support!

Setup Fund Update

1. Rent for 6 months: $12,000 $3900 total Donated – $8,100 remaining.   Apartments in Japan require 6 months to be paid up front. 

2. Four Airplane Tickets: $6,000 – $1,500 a person – Purchased!

3. Used Vehicle: $8,000

4. Furniture: $5,000 – Such as couches, table, chairs, dressers, beds, etc.

5. Travel Documentation: $2,000 – Donated

6. Hotel Cost: $1400 – This works out to be about $100 a

day for our first two weeks in Japan.

7. Washer/Dryer: $1200 $500 Donated – $700 remaining

8. Refrigerator: $1200

9. Stove: $1000 $500 Donated – $500 remaining

10. Visas: $190 – Will $190 – Rebel $190 – Atlas $190 – Journey – $380 donated by Maranatha Baptist Church. Thank you! $380 remaining

11. Small Kitchen Appliances: $300 – Donated by Temple Baptist Church. Thank you!

12. Pots, pans, bowls, plates, utensils, etc.: $250 – Donated by Woodlawn Baptist Church. Thank you!