OG Camp

Many Christians are burdened about getting the Gospel to all the world, and they ask how they can get involved. Maybe you have the same desire. Maybe when missionaries open their hearts to you about the millions of lost people, your heart aches. You feel an incredible need to tell others about Christ!

Will you take an honest look at the people across this planet? How many of them will die without ever hearing about Christ? Millions? Billions? Now, what are you doing to help reach them? As you realize the condition of their souls and their need for Christ, you can make steps towards doing something about it. This is the purpose of the Our Generation Camp.

It is an intense week of Pastors and Missionaries pouring out their hearts for the lost. You will meet people that have the same passion as you to reach the world with the Gospel in our generation! You will have the opportunity to speak with veteran missionaries, and hear them tell their stories of how God slew the giants of Islam and Buddhism in the lives of the people that were reached! You can get involved with what God is doing all over the world! Take a moment to read what is happening at this years camp by clicking here.

If you are satisfied with millions of lost people dying without ever hearing the Gospel, then don’t bother signing up for the Our Generation camp! We aren’t the camp for you! However, if you believe God desires all to hear the Gospel, and you want to have a part in His Great Commission, then come to the OG Camp! Every choice you make forms the direction of your life. By your choices, where is your life heading? Who are you impacting with the Gospel?


The Summit has been a blessing to my family for the last few years, and a great time to learn more about what we can do, as Christians, to impact the world with The Gospel of Christ! The Lord has used many of the speakers there to give me a greater burden for lost people across the globe! Not only is there great preaching, but also sessions in which missionaries and pastors speak about church planting, discipleship, media in ministry, and much more. As a young missionary, I was able to get some questions answered by veteran missionaries and pastors during the Q&A times.

You can get a full schedule and more details about the Summit by clicking here.