Vision Baptist Missions

Vision Baptist Missions is a local church ministry of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia under the leadership of Pastor Austin Gardner. Our purpose is to facilitate the needs of our missionaries who have been raised up and trained in our local church. Our minimal requirement is that a person being sent out of this ministry must be trained in the ministries of our church for two years.

Also, this ministry aids national missionaries through our International division. National missionaries are those who have been trained by the missionaries with whom Vision Baptist Church has partnered through their world-wide missions program.

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Vision Baptist Missions International is a division of Vision Baptist Missions targeted at aiding national missionaries. Vision Baptist Missions International only works through local churches led by our partnering American missionaries already on the mission field. Working through local churches both at home and on the foreign field will only maximize the long-term impact of this ministry.

Vision Baptist Missions International seeks to help American missionaries reach the countries in which they serve. We are not trying to reinvent missions. We are not in a competition to take support dollars from our American brethren. Our goal is to work with our partners to help them, through their trained converts, establish new churches at a more rapid rate.

Vision Baptist Missions International works with our missionary partners to ensure every dollar donated is spent wisely. We do not feel that it would be right to manage national missionaries from the United States. Our partners are our eyes and ears on the mission field, ensuring that their national partners are working diligently to build Baptist churches for our Lord Jesus Christ.